Easy Pickled Red Onions



1 medium red onion / thinly sliced in half moons

1 cup / warm to hot water

1/2 cup / vinegar (I like a mix of red wine and apple cider)

1 tbsp / sugar 

1 tsp / salt


  1. Pack red onions into a mason jar tightly
  2. Heat up water and vinegar until it’s hot enough to dissolve sugar and salt. Then, mix in sugar and salt.
  3. Pour liquid into the jar, filling it up until the onions are completely covered. 
  4. Tightly seal the jar and let sit at room temp for an hour, then move to the fridge.
  5. Take out of the fridge and use when the onions begin to take on that pink color!

*These onions stay good in the fridge for about a month. In my opinion, they’re the best after they’ve been pickling for 2+ days.

*I love to put them on avocado toast, salads, bagels with cream cheese, or anything else that needs something brine-y and pickled! 

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