hey there! thanks for stopping by! i’m kim, a home baker and food photographer from california. welcome to my hobby/side hustle! 

a little backstory: i started kalesuckz on instagram as a “foodie” page. i lived in san francisco at the time and i was eating all of the trendiest things in the city. but i was in college, and that lifestyle was getting a bit too expensive for me.

i have always loved to bake & cook, thanks to my mom and grandma. in addition to my love and interest for food, photography has always been one of my favorite pastimes. so naturally, when i started cooking for myself every day in college (instead of getting $15 avocado toasts and $7 lavender lattes), i ended up taking pictures of my meals. and out came what kalesuckz is today! 

i am not professionally trained in either baking or photography, i am self taught! i started consistently baking in november of 2019. thanks to the COVID 19 quarantine in march 2020, i learned how to make macarons, layer cakes & other desserts you’ll often see on my page. 

my goal here is to show home bakers that you can make impressive looking things without fancy ingredients or proper training. i hope you find something here or on my instagram that inspires you enough to try it yourself! 

my recent creations